David Alræk, February 12-15 2018

David Alræk

Moved into the attic.

Had a plan about making a private space and invite people in for a one-to-one-session.

Laid in bed listening to a guided meditation.

Tried to find focus and inspiration.

Thought that would be a good start.

Was lonely and bored.

Turned on laser disco lights that I had with me in my bag.

Thought that would put me in some kind of playful state.

Didn’t work.

Thought about the movie Into The Wild where the character at the end, right before he dies, writes:

“Happiness in only real when shared”.

Next day I went home and found my jar of spare changes.

Invited my friend Marieke for lunch. 

Said I was going to pay for the lunch.

On one condition.

We had to eat something childishly and greasy and yummy.

Had pancakes, maple syrup and milkshake for lunch.

Marieke told me she was into astrology at the moment. 

She plotted in my date of birth etc and said I’m a manifesting generator.

Not sure what that means, even if she told me. 

(Youtube has an in-depth exploration about manifesting generators, duration 01:38:21)

Went back to the residency. 

Laid in bed I though, am I happy or sad at the moment? Sometimes it's hard to say.

Got hungry.

On the way to the store, I thought more about what kind of work I wanted to do.

No good ideas for art work.

Walked around in the store for ages without finding anything I wanted to eat.

But what I did found was greaseproof paper.


Most be a very Norwegian thing ?

People are crazy about their bread in this country.

They come in packages of 500.


500 super thin papers. 

Got an idea about lying in bed and writing 500 things I like about my life.

Got back to the bed and started writing.

Tried to write poetic. 

Or not poetic. 

Some kind of personal truth.


Not like; I like pancakes.

Everyone does.

I have never met a person that doesn’t like pancakes. 

Writing 500 statements takes a long time.

I wrote on about half of the papers.

Maybe I’ll read them one day.

Maybe not.

Left the residency three days later.