David Alræk, February 12-15 2018

David Alræk

Moved into the attic.

Had a plan about making a private space and invite people in for a one-to-one-session.

Laid in bed listening to a guided meditation.

Tried to find focus and inspiration.

Thought that would be a good start.

Was lonely and bored.

Turned on laser disco lights that I had with me in my bag.

Thought that would put me in some kind of playful state.

Didn’t work.

Thought about the movie Into The Wild where the character at the end, right before he dies, writes:

“Happiness in only real when shared”.

Next day I went home and found my jar of spare changes.

Invited my friend Marieke for lunch. 

Said I was going to pay for the lunch.

On one condition.

We had to eat something childishly and greasy and yummy.

Had pancakes, maple syrup and milkshake for lunch.

Marieke told me she was into astrology at the moment. 

She plotted in my date of birth etc and said I’m a manifesting generator.

Not sure what that means, even if she told me. 

(Youtube has an in-depth exploration about manifesting generators, duration 01:38:21)

Went back to the residency. 

Laid in bed I though, am I happy or sad at the moment? Sometimes it's hard to say.

Got hungry.

On the way to the store, I thought more about what kind of work I wanted to do.

No good ideas for art work.

Walked around in the store for ages without finding anything I wanted to eat.

But what I did found was greaseproof paper.


Most be a very Norwegian thing ?

People are crazy about their bread in this country.

They come in packages of 500.


500 super thin papers. 

Got an idea about lying in bed and writing 500 things I like about my life.

Got back to the bed and started writing.

Tried to write poetic. 

Or not poetic. 

Some kind of personal truth.


Not like; I like pancakes.

Everyone does.

I have never met a person that doesn’t like pancakes. 

Writing 500 statements takes a long time.

I wrote on about half of the papers.

Maybe I’ll read them one day.

Maybe not.

Left the residency three days later.

Johanna Lettmayer, January 27 - 29, 2018

The Bedroom Residency (ongoing)

I haven’t had a permanent home for more than 18 months by the time I arrive at The Bedroom Residency and in Audrey’s room. After three artist residencies and months and months with only an improvised kitchen, no shower or washing machine, regular couchsurfing with friends and bags and boxes stored in different basements one learns how to be at home in someone else's home. The desire to settle is in conflict with precious moments that only happen while staying over - brushing teeth together, seeing each other in pajamas, talking while half asleep, the experience to really need others on the existential level of night shelter and: the feeling of being welcome. 

Starting with Audrey's room The Bedroom Residency Blog is going to be updated with homes that for some time become my home too, until I find my own place.

27.1. Audrey’s room (The Bedroom Residency)
28.1. Audrey’s room (The Bedroom Residency)
29.1. Audrey’s room (The Bedroom Residency)

30.1. Baste’s place
1.2. Baste’s place

2.2. Nuray’s place 
3.2. Nuray’s place
4.2. Nuray’s place

5.2. Baste’s place
6.2. Baste’s place

7.2. Tolga’s place
8.2. Tolga’s place
9.2. Tolga’s place
10.2. Tolga’s place
11.2. Tolga’s place
12.2. Tolga’s place
13.2. Tolga’s place
14.2. Tolga’s place
15.2. Tolga’s place
16.2. Tolga’s place
17.2. Tolga’s place
18.2. Tolga’s place
19.2. Tolga’s place
20.2. Tolga’s place
21.2. Tolga’s place
22.2. Tolga’s place
23.2. Tolga’s place
24.2. Tolga’s place
25.2. Tolga’s place
26.2. Tolga’s place
28.2. Tolga’s place
1.3.. Tolga’s place
2.3. Tolga’s place
4.3. Tolga’s place
5.3. Tolga’s place
6.3. Tolga’s place
7.3. Tolga’s place

8.3. Trude’s place

9.3. Maria’s place
10.3. Maria’s place
11.3. Maria’s place

12.3. Tolga’s place
13.3. Tolga’s place
14.3. Tolga’s place
15.3. Tolga’s place
16.3. Tolga’s place

17.3. Astrid’s spare room
18.3. Astrid’s spare room
19.3. Astrid’s spare room
20.3. Astrid’s spare room

21.3. Beate’s spare room
22.3. Beate’s spare room
23.3. Beate’s spare room
24.3. Beate’s spare room
25.3. Beate’s spare room
26.3. Beate’s spare room

27.3. Grand Hotel Astoria
28.3. Grand Hotel Astoria

29.3. Astrid’s spare room
30.3. Astrid’s spare room
31.3. Astrid’s spare room
1.4. Astrid’s spare room

2.4. Apartment Milkana
3.4. Apartment Milkana
4.4. Apartment Milkana
5.4. Apartment Milkana
6.4. Apartment Milkana

7.4. Beate’s spare room
8.4. Beate’s spare room
9.4. Beate’s spare room
10.4. Beate’s spare room

11.4. Tolga’s place
12.4. Tolga’s place
13.4. Tolga’s place
14.4. Tolga’s place
15.4. Tolga’s place
16.4. Tolga’s place
17.4. Tolga’s place
18.4. Tolga’s place
19.4. Tolga’s place
20.4. Tolga’s place
21.4. Tolga’s place
22.4. Tolga’s place
23.4. Tolga’s place

24.4. Malin’s room
25.4. Malin’s room
26.4. Malin’s room
27.4. Malin’s room
28.4. Malin’s room
29.4. Malin’s room
30.4. Malin’s room
1.5. Malin’s room
2.5. Malin’s room
3.5. Malin’s room
4.5. Malin’s room
6.5. Malin’s room
7.5. Malin’s room
8.5. Malin’s room
9.5. Malin’s room
10.5. Malin’s room
11.5. Malin’s room
12.5. Malin’s room
13.5. Malin’s room
14.5. Malin’s room
15.5. Malin’s room
16.5. Malin’s room
17.5. Malin’s room
18.5. Malin’s room
19.5. Malin’s room
20.5. Malin’s room
21.5. Malin’s room
22.5. Malin’s room
23.5. Malin’s room
24.5. Malin’s room
25.5. Malin’s room
26.5. Malin’s room
27.5. Malin’s room

28.5. Beate’s spare room
29.5. Beate’s spare room
30.5. Beate’s spare room
31.5. Beate’s spare room
1.6. Beate’s spare room
2.6. Beate’s spare room
3.6. Beate’s spare room
4.6. Beate’s spare room
5.6. Beate’s spare room
6.6. Beate’s spare room
7.6. Beate’s spare room
8.6. Beate’s spare room
9.6. Beate’s spare room

10.6. Hotelpupik

11.6. Appartment Sun
12.6. Appartment Sun
13.6. Appartment Sun
14.6. Appartment Sun
15.6. Appartment Sun
16.6. Appartment Sun
17.6. Appartment Sun
18.6. Appartment Sun
19.6. Appartment Sun

20.6. Astrid’s spare room

21.6. Hotelpupik
22.6. Hotelpupik
23.6. Hotelpupik
24.6. Hotelpupik
25.6. Hotelpupik
26.6. Hotelpupik
27.6. Hotelpupik
28.6. Hotelpupik
29.6. Hotelpupik
30.6. Hotelpupik
1.7. Hotelpupik
2.7. Hotelpupik
3.7. Hotelpupik
4.7. Hotelpupik
5.7. Hotelpupik
6.7. Hotelpupik
8.7. Hotelpupik
9.7. Hotelpupik
10.7. Hotelpupik
11.7. Hotelpupik
12.7. Hotelpupik
13.7. Hotelpupik
14.7. Hotelpupik
15.7. Hotelpupik
16.7. Hotelpupik
17.7. Hotelpupik
18.7. Hotelpupik
19.7. Hotelpupik
20.7. Hotelpupik
21.7. Hotelpupik
22.7. Hotelpupik
23.7. Hotelpupik
24.7. Hotelpupik
25.7. Hotelpupik
26.7. Hotelpupik
27.7. Hotelpupik
28.7. Hotelpupik
29.7. Hotelpupik
30.7. Hotelpupik
31.7. Hotelpupik
1.8. Hotelpupik
2.8. Hotelpupik
3.8. Hotelpupik
4.8. Hotelpupik
5.8. Hotelpupik
6.8. Hotelpupik
7.8. Hotelpupik
8.8. Hotelpupik
9.9. Hotelpupik

10.8. Hospital
11.8. Hospital
12.8. Hospital
13.8. Hospital
14.8. Hospital

15.8. Astrid’s room
16.8. Astrid’s room
17.8. Astrid’s room
18.8. Astrid’s room
19.8. Astrid’s room
20.8. Astrid’s room
21.8. Astrid’s room
22.8. Astrid’s room
23.8. Astrid’s room
24.8. Astrid’s room
25.8 Astrid’s room
26.8. Astrid’s room
27.8. Astrid’s room
28.8. Astrid’s room
29.8. Astrid’s room
30.8. Astrid’s room
31.8. Astrid’s room
1.9. Astrid’s room
2.9. Astrid’s room
3.9. Astrid’s room
4.9. Astrid’s room
5.9. Astrid’s room
6.9. Astrid’s room
7.9. Astrid’s room
8.9. Astrid’s room
9.9. Astrid’s room
10.9. Astrid’s room
11.9. Astrid’s room
12.9. Astrid’s room
13.9. Astrid’s room
14.9. Astrid’s room
15.9. Astrid’s room
16.9. Astrid’s room
17.9. Astrid’s room
18.9. Astrid’s room
19.9. Astrid’s room
20.9. Astrid’s room
21.9. Astrid’s room
22.9. Astrid’s room
23.9. Astrid’s room
24.9. Astrid’s room
25.9. Astrid’s room
26.9. Astrid’s room
27.9. Astrid’s room
28.9. Astrid’s room
29.9. Astrid’s room
30.9. Astrid’s room
1.10. Astrid’s room
2.10. Astrid’s room
3.10. Astrid’s room

4.10. Laila’s place
5.10. Laila’s place
6.10. Laila’s place
7.10. Laila’s place

8.10. Beate’s spare room
9.10. Beate’s spare room
10.10. Beate’s spare room
11.10. Beate’s spare room
12.10. Beate’s spare room
13.10. Beate’s spare room
14.10. Beate’s spare room
15.10. Beate’s spare room
16.10. Beate’s spare room

17.10. Laila’s place
18.10. Laila’s place
19.10. Laila’s place
20.10. Laila’s place
21.10. Laila’s place

22.10. Astrid’s room
23.10. Astrid’s room
24.10. Astrid’s room
25.10. Astrid’s room

Maria Toll, December 11-14 2017


Maybe you catch a cold but it doesn’t really matter because you are allowed to be at home under your blanket and read books and drink tea and eat Christmas treats. And the best thing is to be in a home where you can put logs in a fire and especially for me who are a big city kid who don’t know how to do such things and therefor it becomes ridiculously exotic. It’s actually funny and embarrassing to think of me being in the forrest, how I wouldn’t survive a day. I think I love being indoors too much. I loved to be a temporary house cat, strolling around, sleep during the day, read, watch the fire and waiting for all the roomies to come home.


Hanna Pherson, December 4-7 2017

I lost my notes from the residency. I spent most of my days in the Bedroom Residency writing stuff down and now that I can’t find my notebook I’m questioning my own memory of these days.

I lived through my notes and now it all feels like a fever dream.

I remember lying in bed trying to sleep with a throat burn from eating too much candy.

I remember my pen running out of ink and me buying a new one that was way too expensive.

I remember watching Seinfeld and watching YouTube films for hours, starting with postmodernism and ending with ridiculous personality tests (and questioning my own personality type and social skills because of the tunnel vision that I got from these tests).

I remember one leg of the bed always giving up and me forgetting this every time and thinking that I have ruined the bed.

I remember taking selfies in the bathroom mirror and deleting them.

I remember waking up every morning and forgetting where I am.

I remember reading Norwegian poetry and trying to write my own with little success.

I remember watching raindrops on the window, thinking that the first drop that gets to the bottom wins the race, watching the drops distorting the houses of Bergen on the way to victory.



Lucila Mayol, November 23-26 2017

Lucila Mayol

(Secret-coded report)


Gin Ornament Ice cream spoon Notebook Greeting card 

Tape Ookpik 

Ornament Rock Dirty clothes Embroidery Roll 

Army knife Lightbulb Lipgloss 

Tile Honey can Earplug 

Vaporizer Image Sage Ink Basket Lichen Embroidery 

Oil Bag Jewel Embroidery Candle Toy Seashell 

Ice cream spoon Nest 

Tape Hand Earplug 

Rosette ribbon Oval Ornament Mug

Face Ookpik LED diode Lavender Ornament Wrapping paper Image Nest Gin

D-Vitamin Ink Fluffy bracelet Fingers Embroidery Rock imitation Embroidery Notebook Tile

Clock Art Toy Earplug Greeting card Oil Rock Ice cream spoon Embroidery Spray.


Wine Ink Lighter Lightbulb

Sculpture Tape Army knife Rock Tile

Art Lipgloss Plant Hook Army knife Bottle Embroidery Toy Ice cream spoon Card Art Lichen LED Diode Yarn,

Bruise Ukulele Tape


Whiskey Oval Nest Dirty clothes Earplug Roll,

Tile Honey can Army knife Toy

Prism Lavender Art Nest Tape

Seashell Hand Ornament Underwear Lighter D-Vitamin

Basket Embroidery

Ukulele Notebook Dirty clothes Embroidery Rosette ribbon


Ukulele Nest D-Vitamin Earplug Rock imitation

'Plant Army knife Lightbulb Mug'

Ookpik Rock

Underwear Nest Dirty clothes Embroidery Rock

Ink Tile Shock cord

Shoes Clock Ice cream spoon Embroidery Notebook Toy Image Fern Ink Chandelier

Nest Art Money Earplug?

Lucila Mayol
Lucila Mayol