Hanna Pherson, December 4-7 2017

I lost my notes from the residency. I spent most of my days in the Bedroom Residency writing stuff down and now that I can’t find my notebook I’m questioning my own memory of these days.

I lived through my notes and now it all feels like a fever dream.

I remember lying in bed trying to sleep with a throat burn from eating too much candy.

I remember my pen running out of ink and me buying a new one that was way too expensive.

I remember watching Seinfeld and watching YouTube films for hours, starting with postmodernism and ending with ridiculous personality tests (and questioning my own personality type and social skills because of the tunnel vision that I got from these tests).

I remember one leg of the bed always giving up and me forgetting this every time and thinking that I have ruined the bed.

I remember taking selfies in the bathroom mirror and deleting them.

I remember waking up every morning and forgetting where I am.

I remember reading Norwegian poetry and trying to write my own with little success.

I remember watching raindrops on the window, thinking that the first drop that gets to the bottom wins the race, watching the drops distorting the houses of Bergen on the way to victory.